Model Information

I occasionally offer Trade For Prints/CD for suitable models. These may be for my portfolio, advertising, experimentation, or stock photography work. Payment will be in the form of printed photos or photo CD and model releases will be required – parents or guardians will also be required to sign for any model under 18 year old.

Models who would like to shoot with me please read through the text below. It should answer most, if not all, questions you may have regarding working with Natural Art Media.


TFP or Trade For Prints is an agreement when the model trades his or her time with a photographer for prints s/he can use in their portfolio. Most TF* model shoots are actually delivered to the model in TFCD. In a TF* shoot the model and the photographer come to an agreement to exchange their time and services to each other in a trade. No money is exchanged for a TF* session.

While the model provides his or her time and skill as a model the photographer provides his or her skill as a photographer and photo retoucher. Together photographer and model collaborate to create a specified set of images. I have seen model/photographer agreements breakdown and I think it is because each one forgets or doesn’t realize how much work the other is doing. Photographers forget how much work models put into a good shoot and start to believe that modeling is ‘pretty easy’. Models often don’t realize how much time and energy a photographer puts into a shoot before, during and after (photo editing/retouching take much longer then a model expects).

When the shoot is done the photographer will typically provide the model with a selection of prints or images on a CD along with a limited release allowing the model to print and use the images for his or her own promotional use to build their portfolio books and other materials such as online modeling portfolio websites. Unless otherwise arranged in advance the model does not receive commercial rights to images created in a TF* shoot and all copyrights to the images are wholly owned by the photographer.

I am currently accepting a limited number of models for TF* portfolio shoots. All TF* shoots do require that the model sign my TFP/CD Model Release.

What To Expect In Return For TF*

In return for services offered I provide the TF* model with images from each outfit / look photographed. In addition to prints of the images I can also provide the model with web optimized copies of these same images that are pre-sized and compressed and ready for upload to online modeling portfolio websites. Web versions of all print-ready images delivered to models will also be hosted in a public gallery specific to the model on the this website.

I actually prefer to provide real prints for a TFP shoot. I can provide much higher quality prints from my photo lab than a model is able to get. However, I also understand that while while one of my 8×10 or 11×14 prints may be quite beautiful it won’t help a model’s online portfolio, digital gallery or personal web page. Models are free to choose prints or finished digital images.

How To Book A TF* Shoot

Send an email to me at to request a TF* session. Please note not all TF* shoots will be granted but I do look to update my portfolio on a regular basis. It never hurts to ask – I actually accept a lot of TF* shoots right now. TF* shoots can either be on location or in studio.

Will You Provide an MUA?

Natural Art Media does not provide Makeup artists or Hair Stylists. However on occasion we may have MUAs and stylists who request to work with us on TF* shoots in return for photos for their portfolios. If an MUA will be available for your shoot you will know in advance but you should never assume that one will be present and should always plan to do your own hair and makeup for a TF* shoot. If you have an MUA you work with or want to bring in an MUA please let us know in advance – we love working with MUAs.

What To Bring To A TF* Shoot

A great attitude and an open mind, come into the shoot with the attitude that you are going to have fun and create some great photos and that is exactly what will happen. You can relax and have fun when shooting TF*, I will never pressure you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Change of clothes and accessories appropriate to the themes of the shoot you have booked. Don’t forget *all* your needed accessories including any hats, jewelry, shoes, heels, boots, lingerie that may be needed.

Escort, if you feel more comfortable on a first visit shoot you are welcome to bring an escort to the shoot with you. However please note that boyfriends do not make good escorts and should you bring a boyfriend / girlfriend to a shoot and they become jealous and disruptive to the shoot they and possibly you will be asked to leave. There is not a lot of room in the studio so only one escort is allowed.

When Will I get My TF* Photos?

My goal is within 3-4 weeks after the shoot to deliver the final images. However I will be in regular contact with you during that period directing you to the web gallery where you will be able to view versions of your images as they are processed. Occasionally vacations and day-jobs interfere with timely delivery of images, however you will be notified in advance of such a situation.

My last TF* photographer gave me all the photos and let me process them myself, why wont you?

Sorry but this is a practice that I do not participate in. I care far too much about the way my photos represent not only myself, but you as a model as well. As a result I do not provide models with unprocessed images for any reason nor do I allow them to manipulate or alter the images from the form and format in which I deliver them. I would much rather you ask me for a special process or sizing of an image after delivery then to risk having it done by someone who may or may not have the skills in photo processing / retouching to best represent us both to the world.