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Go By Train

Go By Train


I’ve debated with myself for a while now about whether I should post this photo or not. I think mostly because I was disappointed that that train station was under renovation and the windows were covered with plastic, the main part of the station is covered with scaffolding, and the construction billboard and crane are fairly prominent in the picture.  …

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Portland Union Station HDR

Portland Union Station


This is the result of my first HDR attempt.  By that I mean going out with my camera with the intent of taking a bracketed set of photos to produce an HDR image. As usual, I happy, and I’m not.  I’m actually quite happy about the final outcome – yes I know, I can hear several of you who know …

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Where Does Time Go?


I’m serious, think about it – Where does it go? If one consumes matter in pretty much any form it turns into energy. If one uses energy it generally results in ‘work’ (light, movement, heat, etc…) [E=mc2 and all…]. But where does time go? What does it do? I can feel it passing, I can see that time has come …

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