Wild Abandon


Nikon D3x, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 55mm, f/9 ISO 100, 3 exposures

I spent part of an afternoon in an area of Rochester that I considered pretty ‘dodgy’.  I parked and took only my camera and one lens with me.  Partly because I didn’t really know exactly where I was or what state anything or anyone around here would be in.  In hindsight it probably wasn’t that dodgy and I was probably safe – it just didn’t feel like it at the time.  To get this shot I ended up having to stand with my back against a barbed-wire “fence” and shoot over another wooden fence that was falling down.  There was really no way to get a tripod in this location to get this angle (even if I had it with me).  I managed to shoot this by leaning one elbow against the bouncy/broken wooden fence and hooking my foot around a post holding the barbed-wire.  Now that I think about it, I must have looked pretty funny trying to get this shot.

In retrospect I think I would have preferred to get 5 exposures instead of 3, but considering how much I was “bouncing around” on the fence I’m surprised the 3 shots came out as well aligned as they did.

  1. Chrisdmrf

    Love the processing, great abandonment

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