Nikon D3x, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8, 200mm, f/9, ISO 100, 3 exposures

Not my usual HDR, but this just called for it.  Without the multiple exposures the sky was just white and there wasn’t the detail in the trees I wanted.  Besides, regardless of what you will see in the next few posts, I do really like natural looking HDR. Sometimes overdone HDR is just, well, overdone.

I had the opportunity to go to Rochester, New York and hang out for a week and do nothing except photograph and work on my software.  I never did work on any software.  I did manage to get some pretty awesome HDR/URBEX photographs and I will be posting some of them over the next few weeks as I finish processing them.  I thought I’d start out with the Rochester postings with this simple photography of the Kodak building and the couple in the park.  Don’t worry though – I have plenty of URBEX HDR over-processed photos coming your way. For a teaser, here is a list of upcoming subjects I’m pretty excited about:

  • Cool buildings in downtown Rochester
  • Mount Hope Cemetery
  • Some ‘dodgy’ industrial buildings (I couldn’t get into them though)
  • The Rochester abandoned subway / Erie canal
  • George Eastman House
  • And if I can figure out how to process them well, some HDR of Niagara Falls

Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve been “off-line” for a while and haven’t posted here (been missing twitter too).  I’m going to try to get back on my normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.

  1. Geekgirl

    The letters in “KODAK” all look just a bit out of alignment to me – as if they have been up there a long time and no one has paid much attention to them. It seems sort of a metaphor to me that illustrates the decline of what was once a great company. The legacy that George Eastman created lives on in you as a photographer today.

  2. John

    Yes, they do look a bit out of alignment. Particularly the “D” looks like it’s falling backwards. The whole roof doesn’t appear to be in great shape either. I’ve heard that it was once a very beautiful building and the roof was extremely nice. Looks a bit like no one is keeping it up anymore.

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