Los Tres Amigos


Nikon D3x, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 36mm, f/7.1, ISO 100, 5 exposures

Also known as: KNK-CMT-ACH
I have a few more images from Battery Russell at Fort Stevens left in my arsenal for posting the rest of this week. I found this interesting, so had to setup and shoot it. These three niches were in a wall next to a set of stairs leading down into the bowels of Battery Russell (the stairs down will show up later this week). I can guess that the box in the top niche is some sort of communication device to communicate with others in the battery. Possibly to order more shells for the gun or get coordinates from a commander, who would have been in a bunker with a view that the soldiers operating the gun would not have.

The niche with the iron ring must be some sort of anchor, but I have no idea what it would anchor or hold in place. I’m really at a loss as to what the third niche is for. It’s a very interesting shape, and I’m fascinated by the hole in the bottom and wonder what it’s for.  Almost looks like a drain, but don’t know where it goes and couldn’t find anything on the level below this.  Could also be some sort of conduit.  What do you think? If you know what these niches are for please leave a comment – I’d love to know more about them.

Note: I’m at work right now (shhhh! – don’t tell anyone) and don’t have the data for this image.  Nikon DX3, probably ISO 100, can’t remember which lens or how many shots.  I’ll update this when I get home tonight. Edit – updated.

  1. Jason Hines
    Jason Hines05-18-2011

    Good on you for posting this at work :). Love the details in the image, and I agree with your, they are very fascinating.

  2. Azriel Knight
    Azriel Knight05-19-2011

    I absolutely love the texture!

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