Long Hall


Nikon D3x, Nikkor 16mm f/2.8, f/8, ISO 100, 7 exposures

I spent the weekend at the Oregon coast with family and on Saturday afternoon drove up to Fort Stevens in hopes of getting some good HDR shots. We stopped at Battery Russell and it was raining (as usual) and so we started with some of the interior and ammo storage rooms. It was very dim, wet and algae was growing on the walls and floors. We had to be very careful about setting camera bags down anywhere because of large pools of water and there was constant dripping from the ceiling.
This is a shot from a very dark room though a series of adjoining rooms with doors and windows to the left letting light in. At the far end is my daughter who was shooting with me. She is making an HDR attempt of her own in a fairly dark room where the only light comes from a shaft in the ceiling.  She knew I was at the other end of the hall and started to move away to get out of the picture.  I asked her to sit still for my shots, not knowing for sure if she would even show up – I could barely see her at the other end.  The image I’ve presented here is much lighter then it is in reality, but I knew I wanted to lighten the scene considerably to get the detail of the walls and expose the moss and algae. I think my favorite part of the afternoon was getting to spend a few hours shooting with my daughter, sharing ideas, getting a new perspective from her.  Thanks Brittany!

I had one person email me and two people state in person that it was “too bad there wasn’t enough resolution to…” (see detail at the end of the hall).  So I’m including a cropped section out of the center of the above photo for your viewing pleasure ;)  Yes, these photos are considerably lighter then the rooms were when we were there – the hall was dark enough that I thought the algae was nearly black and didn’t know it was such a bright green color until I saw the long exposure frames.

Long Hall - Crop

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 16mm f/2.8, 16mm, f/8, ISO 100, 7 exposures

  1. Geekgirl

    Wow, this is an amazing photo! Having Brittany as the focal point really draws my eye down the hallway and I almost get a sense of actually moving in that direction.

  2. Jason Hines
    Jason Hines05-09-2011

    Fantastic. Such great depth and detail in this image, well done.

  3. Deb Scally
    Deb Scally05-10-2011

    This is fantastic. I love both versions… the framing on the first one is stunning, with the gritty textures on the wall, and the other-worldly glow of the algae. Having the model at the end of the hallway really adds a nice focal point, too, and I especially like the pose. Very well done!

  4. Mark Garbowski
    Mark Garbowski05-10-2011

    This is a great long perspective shot, and appreciate that you posted the cropped version. Almost seems a different photo.

  5. Lisa Howell
    Lisa Howell08-04-2011

    LOVE this image from the Battery Russell. Beautiful texture, color and composition. I’m drawn in. Love the detail in the foreground of the doorway. We were recently at this location as well but I never thought of an image like this.

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