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Roses on a Table

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, 24mm, f/5.6, ISO 100, 7 exposures

I was on a business trip last week and didn’t have anything prepared to post while I was gone. It was the first sunny weekend in, forever maybe and I worked outside instead of shooting or processing photos.  Hopefully I’ll get back on track again.

I wanted to post this today because it’s the 14th – wow, it’s been 2 months since we were in Mazatlan, but it feels like a year ago.  These are flowers I had delivered to my wife for Valentines day. Too bad they didn’t arrive on Valentines day like they were supposed too – but that’s not a story for here.

I knew we wouldn’t be able to take these home with us so I wanted to get a few shots and the room overlooking the ocean was beautiful. Of course there was so much light coming through the windows that any single exposure correct for the roses blows out the windows, table, background and everything.  Any exposure that revealed the ocean and blue sky put the interior in darkness.  So, I did the only thing someone looking for an excuse to try more HDR could possibly do – used one of the chairs as a tripod and holding as still as possible shot some frames.

The ‘thing’ on the table – it’s a small sea shell we found on the beach.  I put it on the table because I thought it added a bit of interest to the scene.

  1. Geekgirl

    Ya know, having the flowers arrive at 11pm meant they still arrived on Valentine’s day! And I loved them so it doesn’t matter when they were delivered. Thank you! xoxo

  2. John

    I wasn’t going to say much about it here, but… It’s true, the flowers did arrive around 11pm on February 14th. However, I don’t consider the delivery of flowers an hour before midnight as a delivery *on* Valentines day. In my book FTD failed to deliver and getting them delivered an hour before midnight doesn’t meet the spirit of delivery on Valentines day. Particularly irritating when they were *so* expensive to have delivered to another country and I and planned it all out ahead of time. I called FTD and they said, ‘well, they were delivered on the 14th.’ I don’t plan on using FTD again.
    Note to anyone else needing flowers while in another country – just find a local florist, pay their price and give them a tip. I am fairly certain from the conversation I had with the FTD representative, that the local florist was hit with a pretty hefty deduction of what FTD paid them (which probably wasn’t much to begin with). In the end I think FTD made the profit on this one. In the end, I’m not sure they won anything.

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