Emerald Bay Ruins

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8, 24mm, f/5.0, ISO 100, 5 exposures

I wanted to share this image because I love the detail (at least there is a lot of detail in the original), and the techniques that were used by the people that built the hotel that evokes such feelings of ancient mystery. I haven’t found that hotels or resorts pay that much attention to detail or take the extra steps necessary to help put a person in a place or state of mind.  This scene reminded me somewhat of Disneyland, or the way Disney would create an environment.  One thing I cannot portray here is that Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay has their own “signature scent” – they use a coconut lime verbena sent in their laundry, hotel rooms, shower gel, shampoo, etc..  It’s delicious!

I’d say this was 5 exposures, hand held; but I really used a tree as a mono-pod. To get this shot I had to step off the pathway and hug a palm tree.  I placed my camera up tight against the tree and wrapped my arms around the tree to keep it in place.  I’m sure I must of looked a little funny – the gardener that was nearby shook his head and smiled to himself when he thought I couldn’t see him.

Okay, well – that’s probably enough of the Emerald Bay rotundas.  Next time – something completely different.

  1. Geekgirl

    I love this! I like that the colors are more vibrant than the last two (not that the muted colors are a bad thing). This looks more like a water color than a pencil drawing. And it does sort of transport my mind there – I can almost hear the birds :-)

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