Wizard Island @ Crater Lake


It’s cold outside this morning and I was thinking about our camping trip to Crater Lake this last August. It had been nearly in the 100s the week before we were there, and it was in the 90s the week after we left. The five days that we were there it was very cold – temperatures down the the low 20s overnight. We had to thaw orange juice for breakfast because it had frozen. It snowed at the rim that last day we were there.

Wizard Island in Infrared

Nikon Infrared D200, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8, 40mm, f/8.0, ISO 100, 3 exposures

Most photos I’ve seen of Crater Lake show off the deep blue of the water. It was cloudy and the water looked rather gray. As an alternative to the typical “Crater Lake Blue”, I offer a deep red lake, magenta trees and white snow. Compliments of HDR Infrared.

  1. Geekgirl

    This is beautiful! I like that it’s not the same old “Crater Lake Blue” but the lake is just as stunning.

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