Moving to WordPress


I’ve decided to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress…. No offense to Google – ya gotta love ’em, but I’ve decided I want a bit more control over my blog in terms of customization, and I’d like to specify when/where/how images are stored.

I have a Linode (VPS) set up at with Apache 2.x, WordPress 2.8, Virtual-Multi-Blog plug-in (which really isn’t a plug-in – but rocks), Rails, Git, and a few other development tools I use. Once I get my blog migrated and move my domains, code and other items from my current web host I will detail the configuration and outline the steps needed to get up and running at Linode.

In the mean-time the blog may be unavailable for a short time, and I’m not exactly sure what will happen to RSS/Atom feeds after the move. I’ll be checking into that after the move and reviewing previous blog entries to make sure everything is still working. If you find something amiss, please leave a comment and let me know so that I can get it fixed.

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