More Natalya


The first model shoot I had with Natalya went pretty well and she called and asked to schedule another shoot if I was interested. I was definitely interested.  We thought about themes and decided on a 60’s style and she would bring the clothes and I would get some props. I was hoping to find some thing that would give the impression of a 60’s ‘soda shop’ or something along those lines. Didn’t actually get what I was looking for, but I did manage to build a somewhat portable 8×8 foot black and white tile floor. Not Natalya’s fault – I failed to find all the props I wanted before the shoot. The floor worked out great though it’s not actually in many of these shots. Here are my favorites from our “60’s shoot”.

  • JLM_20090607_0052-Edit
  • JLM_20090607_0058
  • JLM_20090607_0082-Edit
  • JLM_20090607_0082-Edit2
  • JLM_20090607_0097-2
  • JLM_20090607_0097
  • JLM_20090607_0102-Edit-2
  • JLM_20090607_0102-Edit
  • JLM_20090607_0102-Edit2
  • JLM_20090607_0110
  • JLM_20090607_0124_Edit
  • JLM_20090607_0133-Edit

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