Natalya’s Right Eye


I had another model shoot with Natalya the other day. She is great and a lot of fun. I’ll post some pictures after I get them processed – meanwhile, what I want to write about today is the resolution of my new camera. Check this out 24.5 MPixels of beauty – only cropped to 8×10 aspect and some small adjustments in Lightroom. So, really – seriously – no editing on this, never taken into Photoshop. I realize the photo is small and so it’s not too impressive (obviously not 24.5 MPixels here). On my 30″ Apple HD Cinema diaplay I can only get about 1/8 of the image on my screen at 100% resolution.


To give you a perspective on exactly how much of that photo you can see (or not see) on a monitor at once – here is a 100% crop (screen capture) of Natalya’s right eye. Here’s the scary part – look hard (actually, you don’t have to look that hard) and you can see the photographer.

100% Crop of Natalya's eye

I will admit one of the down-sides of having a 24.5 megapixel camera is that downloading the images off the memory cards, converting them to DNG files and editing in Photoshop is slooooooow.

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