Photoshop World – The Art Of Portrait


Photoshop World starts tomorrow. Today I attended the pre-conference workshop, “The Art Of Portrait:A Photo Painting Journey” by Fay Sirkis. I’ve been a fan of Kay’s for a few years and really like her work (okay, I love Kay’s work). This is the first time I’ve had a chance to attend a class from her. She is very good at photo painting – no question about that. I did learn quite a bit in the class (it was 4 hours), but I was a bit disappointed with how much time she spent on setting up and configuring photoshop and painter. I think we spent more then an hour of the class looking at the differences between Painter X and Painter 11, configuring workspaces, brushes, etc… Fay had to hurry through a lot of the painting techniques and information because we were running out of time.
I did learn a lot about preparing a photo portrait for painting. Fay actualy spends a lot more time in Photoshop preparing a photo before she takes it into Painter then I realized. Fay provided lots of good notes and slides about the processes that we can take home for reference.
She is teaching two more classes on Thursday morning and I plan to attend them too.

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