Rob’s Baby


One of my friends wanted photos of his ‘baby’ he could put on his wall. Here are some of the images of his guitar before they have been edited. You can still see the wires and supports I was using to suspend the guitar.

  • JLM_20070510_3432-Edit-2
  • JLM_20070510_3435-Edit
  • JLM_20070510_3441-Edit
  • JLM_20070510_3457-Edit
  • JLM_20070510_3465-Edit
  • JLM_20070510_3473
  • JLM_20070510_3483
  • JLM_20080727_6923-Edit
  • JLM_20080727_6927-Edit
  • JLM_20081215_20x16_7-image

Here is the final image containing all the individual images

no images were found

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