True !mprov Photo Shoot


Did a really fun photo shoot for an improv comedy group called True!mprov. They are great people and very funny. Check out their site at and then check out one of their performances – they’ll have you rolling in the aisle. Here is a couple of out-take photos of the group being ’silly’.

  • JLM_20070926_5563
  • JLM_20070926_5569
  • JLM_20070926_5571
  • JLM_20070926_5574
  • JLM_20070926_5577
  • JLM_20070926_5584
  • JLM_20070926_5585
  • JLM_20070926_5587

Here is the photo they choose for their publicity photo. I’m pretty happy with it as it looks pretty theater-like to me and this is just straight out of the camera with no editing – just converted to black & white. JLM_20070926_5577

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