2008 Senior – Marshelle


Here are just a few (of the many) studio session photos with Marshelle. She is a Camas High senior this year and we had a blast during her sessions. She was really fun to work with and has a great smile.
Marshelle and I had a blast during her outdoor session also. We created a lot of unique and interesting images. Here are some of my favorites.

  • JLM_20070715_4109
  • JLM_20070715_4117-Edit
  • JLM_20070715_4136
  • JLM_20070715_4137-Edit
  • JLM_20070715_4149
  • JLM_20070715_4166-Edit
  • JLM_20070715_4176-Edit
  • JLM_20070715_4180-Edit-2
  • JLM_20070715_4180-Edit
  • JLM_20070715_4208
  • JLM_20070722_4359
  • JLM_20070722_4398-Edit
  • JLM_20070722_4407-Edit
  • JLM_20070724_4482
  • JLM_20070724_4500-Edit
  • JLM_20070724_4517-Edit
  • JLM_20070724_4532

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